Kirstie M Photography – India 2013 & Bhutan 2013

I don’t know how she does it, but Sue, the amazing woman, creates the most personal, yet professional and organised yet flexible photo tours, which appeal to all; the young, the mature, the well travelled, the first-time travellers, the amateur photographer and the professional alike. I fall into the travelled, young and professional photographer categories, but our group had a fantastic mix of ages and abilities each offering their own personalities to the tour. Together in India we enjoyed sunrise at the Taj (not once but twice), explored hidden treasures in the less-explored streets of Jodhpur, the blue city, met amazing characters in the walls of Jaipur’s, Amber Fort and amongst many other memorable experiences, laughed over traditional dinner following out-of-this-world days at the Pushkar Camel Fair. In majestical Bhutan we stood together in awe as the endangered Golden Langurs jumped from tree to tree in front of our eyes. We shed emotional tears while the locals overwhelmed us with their gratitude and of evenings dancing by the campfire our group grew to include local kids, parents and grandparents to make this the trip of a lifetime.

Returning to Australia we were no longer the people that left. We had grown. Bhutan had changed us. It moves you. It humbles you. It challenges you to be a greater person. And it succeeds.
Thank you Sue.

Kirstie M Photography