Ky – India & Bhutan 2013

I have recently just completed my first photography tour with Informal Photography Tours. I spent 10 days in India and 21 days in Bhutan. Sue is an amazing teacher and she took us to some places to learn the art of taking beautiful photos that I could not have done on my own. The trip was extremely well researched and implemented. Although it was an organized tour, it didn’t feel that way. The group consisted of 8 people. I loved this aspect as we were able to have quality time with Sue for photo tuition if we required this. It was easier to get around to places of interest as we were not held up like those larger groups can be. If some relax/down time was needed or we didn’t feel like going to a particular place, this was no issue at all.
India and Bhutan are wonderful places to visit, especially if you are keen on photography. I have come away with some stunning photos and I attribute this to the help and guidance of Sue.
Thanks Sue for an amazing trip. Hopefully I will be able to come along on your next trip!!