Heaven and Himalaya 2016

Heaven and Himalaya 2016
Kashmir & Ladakh

19 days | 2nd to 20th September
Add On *5 day Taj Mahal-Amritsar Option | 20th to 24th September

Life Experience Travel

Kashmir is described as heaven on earth and Ladakh’s breathtaking mountain scenery and ancient monasteries will have you disbelieving that you are actually in India. It is not India as we know it …but it is the people we meet, the moments we share and the stories we hear that will also capture our hearts.
There comes a time when we start to look for a little more from our travels, to take a different road, to experience travel one street back with encounters that exhilarate the senses.

Heaven and Himalaya
Parallel 50. This is life. This is travel

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