Live & Breathe Nepal 2015

Experience, Enjoy, Evolve, Embrace

Immerse yourself…and your camera…in a land with breathtaking scenery and people with the warmest of smiles. Combine your love of photography with the unique chance to make a difference by combining with our volunteer project.

Putting you in the Picture

Experience remote village life, enjoy photography adventures with camera in hand to capture amazing scenes as they unfold before us. Colourful prayer flags fluttering in the breeze, shy smiles from the children, bustling life in the streets of Kathmandu, spiritual temples oozing with atmosphere, stunning snowcapped mountains with rugged gorges and valleys, daily activities spilling out onto the paved alleys, sipping cold beers on the rooftops, meeting and photographing people who are the essence of Nepal, inhaling the aroma of spices, watching life go by all around you, farmers waving from the fields, rustic architecture, amazing sculptured terraces and friendly Namastes abound.

Take Home with You

Helping out, highlights, Himalayas, heartfelt moments, happiness, hard life and havoc, harmony, history and an all-time high from your travel experiences both in life and in your images you have captured that will stay with you for a long time to come on our fully guided Live & Breathe Nepal journey with Informal Photography.

Planned for Photographers

Small group travel of 4-12, fully guided with Australian Professional Photographer, Sue Tanian, for informal one on one and group tuition for entire trip with the assistance of a local English speaking guide. Notes accompany our customised itinerary which is designed with photographers in mind to make the most of a need for unhurried travel, learning time and lighting conditions. A general level of fitness is required to make it more enjoyable. Landscapes, people, environmental portraits and architecture will keep us busy. This is not a trekking tour but there is walking involved carrying a light pack. We will have our own private vehicle and driver allowing us more freedom, efficiency of time and flexibility.

Special Feature

And as if visiting Nepal’s stunning sights to keep your cameras busy isn’t enough an absolute highlight of Live & Breathe Nepal are the feature sessions organised throughout the tour where you will get the opportunity to meet, talk with and photograph individual people of Nepal who have their own stories to tell.