Fun, Family and Friendship

I like specialising in photography in an environment – location or studio – that will express who you are while ensuring you feel comfortable, and likewise making sure the photos taken have some meaning for you.

The style possibilities for a portrait shoot are endless:

  • kids jumping in puddles and climbing trees
  • Dad giving wheelbarrow rides
  • fun dress-ups
  • modelling
  • pregnancy and newborns
  • romantic
  • artistic
  • ….or simply a nice shot of everyone together looking at the camera. Express yourself!

You know how they say to never work with children and pets? I happen to think they make the best pictures, and we sure do have a lot of laughs! I photograph many pets either with you or by themselves…after all, they are family too!

Having your photo taken is one of the most special things that you can do for someone…or for yourself! Photographs are one of the most valued possessions we own.

Feel free to call in order to discuss the style of photos you are looking for, and for pricing/booking information. Sittings start at $60, then you can view the images on the computer to make your selections. All print processing is done at professional labs in Melbourne and Sydney, along with professional design work.

You will see from my images that I like the natural finish; I like the images to look like you, and for you to be portrayed doing something that you would normally (and comfortably!) do. There is also a place for the more stylistic shoots, though, so please discuss your options with me. My relaxed, friendly, informal approach will ensure we get the best we can!