• Live & Breathe Bhutan 2011

    For me, capturing memories of my travels was an area for improvement. Never having owned a digital camera before, and only purchasing one 4 weeks before we were to leave, I had a lot of learning to do. The photography workshops provided along the way, and having someone on hand to answer my questions and show me some beginner’s tricks (and explain all those buttons and numbers) was fantastic. Sue was very patient and supportive whilst I learnt about shutter speeds and apertures, and when to just go for it, take the shot and not miss the opportunity.

    I was amazed and thrilled to be taking photos of moving prayer wheels, beautiful portraits of the Bhutanese, and some pretty fancy night shots. I even got the rookie photographer award for the trip!

    Whilst I got excited and carried away with my new found skills, I also appreciated having someone teaching me (and reminding me) of camera/photographic etiquette, particularly in a culture as polite and respectful as the Bhutanese.

    Thanks Sue, you’re a wonderful teacher.

    ~ Deirdre
  • Live & Breathe Bhutan 2011

    Travelling to Bhutan was always a dream, I had traveled far and wide prior to this trip, but breathing Bhutan was a life changing experience. You must be prepared to respect their culture, uphold their values and savour the experience. If you can do this you will have the most cherished memories of an amazing place that touches your soul.

    ~ D
  • Live and Breathe Bhutan 2011

    Where the world is at peace with itself. Beautiful people, magnificent scenery, fantastic guides, wonderful memories! Thank you Sue for your guidance on all aspects of photography!

    ~ Narelle
  • Live & Breathe Bhutan 2011

    Warning. This is not a trip to tick off your bucket list. Truth is, although you may have held a long term wish to see the Himalayas, visit strange old cultures or experience new sights smells and tastes, there are a number of avenues to achieve this such as India, Nepal, China / Tibet even. Done, tick, next.

    The difference with the Breathe Bhutan journey is time. That long forgotten (for us) respect for the here and now, and what mother nature and her friends have been doing while we have been burning the earth. This trip won’t just take you out back, it will take you back in time.

    From the moment you land there is a peaceful ambience that soon envelops you and takes you back to an earlier period of your life when things were simple and fun. Your friendly guides will get under your self important guard and have you grinning and singing as you succumb to the time slip and become victim to your childlike happiness.

    See how our ancestors would have lived (and respected their surroundings) without the greed for material wealth.

    Here you can see our world before steam was king. A time when a smile was the best gift for a friend, and respect was measured by the heart instead of the wallet.

    If this was just a bucket list experience, it wouldn’t leave you feeling like doing it all again and forget the rest.

    ~ G
  • Bhutan 2011

    As one of a group of twelve keen photographers ably led by Sue Tanian, was one of the most memorable and enjoyable three weeks of my life. The coordination and organisation was exceptional, making every moment count towards our positive experience of this unique country and its beautiful people. The entire trip was very special and truly out of this world.

    ~ Claire
  • Bhutan 2011

    Our 2011 journey to Bhutan with Informal Photography was a fantastic blend of photography, culture, amazing landscapes, traditional cuisine and shared experiences with the wonderful people of Bhutan. Fantastic fun with heaps of different photographic and social activities. Thoroughly recommended.

    ~ Ross
  • India 2013 & Bhutan 2013

    I don’t know how she does it, but Sue, the amazing woman, creates the most personal, yet professional and organised yet flexible photo tours, which appeal to all; the young, the mature, the well travelled, the first-time travellers, the amateur photographer and the professional alike. I fall into the travelled, young and professional photographer categories, but our group had a fantastic mix of ages and abilities each offering their own personalities to the tour. Together in India we enjoyed sunrise at the Taj (not once but twice), explored hidden treasures in the less-explored streets of Jodhpur, the blue city, met amazing characters in the walls of Jaipur’s, Amber Fort and amongst many other memorable experiences, laughed over traditional dinner following out-of-this-world days at the Pushkar Camel Fair. In majestical Bhutan we stood together in awe as the endangered Golden Langurs jumped from tree to tree in front of our eyes. We shed emotional tears while the locals overwhelmed us with their gratitude and of evenings dancing by the campfire our group grew to include local kids, parents and grandparents to make this the trip of a lifetime.

    Returning to Australia we were no longer the people that left. We had grown. Bhutan had changed us. It moves you. It humbles you. It challenges you to be a greater person. And it succeeds.
    Thank you Sue.

    ~ Kirstie M Photography
  • India & Bhutan 2013

    I have recently just completed my first photography tour with Informal Photography Tours. I spent 10 days in India and 21 days in Bhutan. Sue is an amazing teacher and she took us to some places to learn the art of taking beautiful photos that I could not have done on my own. The trip was extremely well researched and implemented. Although it was an organized tour, it didn’t feel that way. The group consisted of 8 people. I loved this aspect as we were able to have quality time with Sue for photo tuition if we required this. It was easier to get around to places of interest as we were not held up like those larger groups can be. If some relax/down time was needed or we didn’t feel like going to a particular place, this was no issue at all.
    India and Bhutan are wonderful places to visit, especially if you are keen on photography. I have come away with some stunning photos and I attribute this to the help and guidance of Sue.
    Thanks Sue for an amazing trip. Hopefully I will be able to come along on your next trip!!

    ~ Ky
  • India 2013 & Bhutan 2013

    I have travelled to many parts of the world before but I have to say Sue, this trip to India for me has been life changing. Thankyou.

    ~ Ray
  • India 2013

    When I embarked on this tour with Informal Photography in 2013 I thought that cameras had an automatic setting that everybody used to take their holiday photographs and that you had to be a professional photographer who knew how all the buttons worked on a very expensive camera to get amazing shots. I could not have been more wrong! I headed off a complete novice using an old borrowed SLR camera hoping to have a good holiday and maybe get a few good photos. Thanks to Sue’s skills and patience as a teacher, I not only had one of the most enjoyable holidays I have had but also produced some amazing photographs. I now have the knowledge to be creative with my camera and produce photographs that I am very proud of.

    I cannot thank Sue enough for her organisational attention to detail, her encouragement as a teacher and for generously sharing her considerable photographic knowledge and experience. Nothing is too much trouble and every effort is taken to ensure the complete satisfaction of every student. I would highly recommend touring with Informal Photography regardless of your photographic skill level.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Weddings

    We would like to thank you for all your hard work capturing our special day! You and your assistant were great to be around on the day and I know all of the photos will reflect the fun time we had. I would especially lie to acknowledge the special effort you went to in the re-creation photos. We really appreciate it,

    ~ Mr & Mrs M
  • Weddings

    A massive thankyou for all your hard work that you put in to capturing our special day. We are absolutely amazed at the pictures you took and so very appreciative of your calm disposition and amazing photography talent.
    We are both so pleased with the pictures – there’s too many great ones to choose from. We are not very photogenic people so the photos are a pleasant surprise.

    ~ Kerri and Al
  • Tasmania 2014

    We are all very appreciative of your flawless planning and motivational workshops. Thankyou for all the time, care and organisation that you put into ensuring that our trip was such a success.

    ~ Coal Country Camera Club
  • Tasmania 2014

    Thanks for a fun-filled Tassie adventure.

    ~ A
  • Tasmania 2014

    I just wanted to send you a huge thankyou for organising such a wonderful camera club trip to Tasmania. A special thankyou for all your helpful hints and encouragement. Many thanks

    ~ S
  • Tasmania 2014

    Amazing, wonderful….you are all!

    ~ D & W
  • Tasmania - 2014

    Your trips are nothing less than awesome!

    ~ F
  • Tasmania 2014

    Thanks for organising such an awesome trip and for all your help!

    ~ K
  • Tasmania 2014

    Thanks so much Sue, you took the worry and work out of our trip and left us to enjoy every moment…you’re a legend!

    ~ S & A
  • Nepal 2014

    With her great sense of humour and clear love for people, Suse brings out the best in every situation. Behind the camera, we felt free to explore individually, but with the knowledge that at any time we could tap into her vast professional expertise.

    ~ Bev T
  • Nepal 2014

    What an amazing time we had in Nepal!! Wonderful food, memorable people and delicious chaos everywhere to photograph. Thanks for arranging such an exciting and fulfilling journey Sue. Sister Rainbow
    Nepal was my second trip undertaken with Informal Photography. As was the case in the first tour to India and Bhutan, the organization and attention to details in all regards was excellent. Advice on what to expect on the trip was accurate and any advice given on preparation and items to bring were comprehensive.

    The volunteer project to Kaku School was a priceless experience where we were able to leave a tangible and enduring addition to the lives of the children and families in the area. Top marks to Sue for researching and undertaking this initiative with The Himalayan Light Foundation.

    The photography tour included visits to areas of Nepal where we were able to meet locals in their homes and experience their day to day routines. This has resulted in very special photographs – and memories – unique from your traditional travel snaps. I am, and will continue to highly recommend Informal Photography Tours to anyone, photographer or not – who is looking for a truly wonderful travel experience.

    ~ Miss Carol
  • Nepal 2014

    Just completed another tour of duty from the wonderful country of Nepal! This was my second photography tour with Sue from Informal Photography Tours. Loved each and every moment of the trip. Sue definitely knows how to put on a great trip. Everything was meticulously arranged, from the hotels, to the type of vehicles we were chauffeured in, to organizing photo opportunities that aren’t your typical tourist pic (ie chatting to a senior monk so as we could enter a classroom of little primary aged monks to interact and photograph whilst they were doing their school work, or chatting to an elderly lady for some time so I could take the shot).

    I am fairly novice in regards to photography, however I have come away with so much more knowledge (and some beautiful photos) now that I have had the opportunity to travel with Sue and learn along the way with her.
    Anyone looking to do a photography tour (you don’t necessarily need to be into photography) look no further than this…. Informal Photography, you will not be disappointed. Probably only one requisite required and that’s the ability to have a good laugh!! Ky

    ~ Ky